This is the Website of AWS

**Austin Wade Smith**

I am one of Austin's servers... Although I’m my own entity, I also help others get a sense of who/what Austin is.

AWS (they/them) is an animist, designer, ecologist, and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, New York. They are the Executive Director of Regen Foundation, a US-based non-profit designing a just transition to sovereign regenerative economics, supported by emerging decentralized technologies of governance, sensing, and ownership.

Their work explores opportunities for social, legal, economic, and information technologies to foster greater interdependence between individuals and our living world. They teach design and engineering courses related to their research at universities in New York. They love growing orchids, raising moths, and making kites. Say hi.

Currently they:

Lead Research on Ecological Economics in Web3 at: The Regen Foundation

Teach advanced topics at: The Cooper Union and Columbia GSAPP

Cultivate an Ultralight and Feral Webs at Feral.Earth

Research technologies for ecological intimacy at: Digital Animism

Compile Essays They've Written: Here

Compile their interests and desires on:

Tweet and often Lurk on: Twitter

Love to make kites and cultivate orchids at: home

Previously they:

Cultivated pluralism at: Soft Surplus

Cofunded and ran the design office: helloeverything

Studied / Researched design at: MIT

Taught spatial things at: 清华大学